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Labour Proceedings: Increase of Sums Required for Appeal Bond

In accordance with TST Act 397, the sums required for an appeal bond are to be increased as from August 1, 2015.


Communication: MTE Ordinance (Portaria) 945 Regarding Work on Sundays and Public Holidays

Ordinance 945 of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MTE) has established a new method of temporary authorization for work on Sundays and public holidays


Communication re: Legal Landmark for the Institution of Mediation in Brazil

A legal landmark for the institution of mediation in Brazil, Federal Law no. 13.140/2015, which establishes rights and duties for the guidance of parties, lawyers and mediators, was published on […]


Is your company prepared for the new legal and regulatory environment in terms of governance?

Since the enactment of Law 12.846/13 – The Anti-Corruption Law early last year, a great deal has been printed and stated about the impacts of this new legal edict with […]


Restrictions on monitoring of electronic mail by employer

The Labour, Administration and Public Service Commission of the Chamber of Deputies is currently considering Bill no. 1.429 of 2011 which seeks to amend the CLT (Consolidated Labour Laws) in […]


Compliance Programmes for Brazilian Subsidiaries

The new Brazilian Anticorruption Law establishes severe punishment for companies that involve themselves in acts that are injurious to the government


Simple Business Portal (PES)

The Micro and Small Company Secretariat brought into service on October 8 the Simple Business Portal (PES) (, the object of which is to simplify


No longer necessary to produce certificates of regular status when filing corporate documents

The Business Registration and Integration Department (DREI) published on September 11, 2014 two Normative Instructions (INs DREI 25 and 26)


Exclusion of Switzerland from Blacklist of Jurisdictions with Favoured Tax Treatment and Inclusion of Cases Constituting Privileged Tax Regime

Normative Instruction no. 1.474, of June 20, 2014, excluded Switzerland from the list of Jurisdictions with Favoured Tax Treatment (JTF) and included it in certain cases within the concept of […]


Communication re. Anticorruption Law

Federal Law no. 12.846 is already in force