Stussi Neves | Maria Lúcia Menezes Gadotti

Law Degree from Mackenzie University, São Paulo, 1992

University Course in German and Portuguese at the University of  São Paulo, 1992

Post-graduate in litigation at Paulista University in São Paulo – UNIP, 1996

Specialist in Labour Law at São Paulo Catholic University, 1999

Master’s Degree in Labour Law at São Paulo Catholic University, 2002

Post-graduate in cat Paulista Law School, 2009

Post-graduate in Tax Law at Paulista Law School, 2010

Post-graduate in Civil and Civil Procedure Law at Paulista Law School, 2011

Specialization in Business Trade Union Leadership at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), 2012

Specialization in Labour Business Law at Getulio Vargas Foundation  (FGV), in 2013

Extension  course  about the New Code of Civil Procedure at Cogeae, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP)

Currently pursuing doctorate at  National University of Cordoba, Argentina

Specialization in Strategic Planning for Law Firms at Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo – 2018;

Specialization  in Repercussions for Lawyers of Labour Reform at Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo;

Post-graduate in Labor Advocacy – The Post-Reform Law and Labor Procedure – Escola Brasileira de Direito (EBRADI) 2019.

Attending post-graduation course in Compliance, Data Protection Law & Labour Practice – IEPREV – 2020.

Visiting Professor of Master Business Administration (MBA) of Human Resources of FIA and Post-Graduation Courses and Specialization in Remuneration, Personnel Management Models, Career Counseling and Leadership Techniques for Personnel and Business Management at PROGEP-FIA;

Lecturer at German, Swiss, Austrian and Japanese Chambers of Commerce and at APAS (Association of Supermarkets of São Paulo)

Coordinator of the Swisscam Human Resources Committee

Member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), of the São Paulo Association of Lawyers (AASP), of the Labour Lawyers Association of São Paulo (AATSP), of the Social Security and Labour Committee of the Lawyers’ Associations Study Center (CESA), of the OAB Trade Union Law Commission, of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA/ILO), of the Cielo Laboral Community, of the Italo-Brazilian Institute of Labor Law, the COJUR Italcam, Counselor of São Paulo Association of Trade Union Relations and Studies (APRES), Counselor of Superior Council of Labour Relations CORT of FIESP, Rapporteur of Third Disciplinary Panel of Ethics Tribunal of OAB/SP, Coordinator of the Alumni Mackenzie Labor Law Commission, Director of the Union of Law Firms (SINSA)  and Researcher at the Study Group on Contemporary Labor Law and Social Security GETRAB – USP.

Language: German; Spanish; English; Italian; Portuguese

City: São Paulo